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Our Team.


the Managing Director and Interior Designer, is hands-on with every project, ensuring that each job is executed to perfection. His responsibilities include overseeing the design and running of each project, guaranteeing that they are completed within the agreed timescale and budget. With an eye for detail and a passion for design, Gary ensures that every project meets the highest standards.


one of the creative minds who brings designs to life. He is involved in every project from the initial technical designs all the way through to manufacturing. Grahams skills lie in incorporating the traditional approach to manufacturing after decades of experience.


our in-house craftsman. As a skilled joiner, carpenter, and maker, Paul is responsible for creating stunning pieces that add a unique touch to our projects. From bespoke furniture to the hand-built interiors of the Arthropod trailers, Paul's craftsmanship is second to none.


plays a pivotal role in our production process, managing the CNC machine. He constantly ensures our workflow stays current and integrates the latest technology into our design and manufacturing process.


our dedicated metal worker, responsible for crafting a wide range of items for our projects. Specialising in maintaining precision over a myriad of metals. From copper bars to aluminium travel trailers, Micheal possesses a keen attention to detail. His expertise ensures that every metal piece, no matter how big or small, meets our standards of quality and functionality.


our marketing and social media expert, designing and running the website as well as creating content across digital platforms. Additionally, he manages the budgetting of Arthropod Interiors' projects.

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Gary Macpherson

Managing Director and Interior Designer




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Graham Taylor


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Aurel Mihai (Micheal)


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Paul Turner




Marketing and Social Media

How we started Arthropod Trailers

When the world paused during the lockdown, we seized the moment to turn a long-standing vision into a reality: the creation of the world's most elegant travel trailer, the "Arthropod." Our roots in interior fit-outs for clubs and bars have given us a unique blend of skills in aesthetics and functionality, making the transition into the travel trailer market a natural evolution for us. Our expertise in selecting premium materials and optimising space has been invaluable in crafting the Arthropod. Every element, from sustainable materials like birch plywood and marmoleum to the Scandi-inspired interior, has been meticulously planned to meet the highest standards. We've applied our skills in carpentry, metalwork, and textiles to construct a trailer that's not just eye-catching but also highly practical. ​ Versatility is key. Our trailers can be customised to serve multiple purposes, from a home office to home on the road. Sustainability is also a cornerstone of our design, featuring solvent-free adhesives and insulation made from recycled plastic milk bottles. ​ Gary Macpherson, the creative force behind this innovation said how he "was on the hunt for an alternative to traditional camping solutions and was astonished by the lack of stylish and sustainable options in the caravan market". We're exceptionally pleased with what we've achieved and know that 'Glampavaning' in an Arthropod will resonate with consumers who value both quality and aesthetics.

T&Cs and Delays

Need to report a delay? Want to familiarise yourself with our T&Cs?

  • Why are Arthropod Trailers any different?
    Handcrafted with a Scandi-style and commitment to sustainability, Arthropod Trailers stand distinct from conventional plastic caravans. Utilising aluminium for strength and lightness, birch ply for its stylish functionality, and marmoleum for its carbon-neutral and hygienic properties, these trailers represent an evolution in caravan design. Just as 'glamping' redefined traditional camping, the Arthropod trailer seeks to elevate the caravan experience by merging premium craftsmanship with aesthetic sophistication.
  • How much can my car tow?
    Consult Your Vehicle's Handbook: The simplest place to start is your vehicle's handbook or owner's manual. This document usually contains specific information about the maximum towing capacity of your vehicle. 85% rule: If your trailer is ≤85% of your vehicle's weight, then you should be able to tow the trailer with ease. Between 85%-100% of the vehicle's weight will require more experience and skill. It is advised not to tow trailers above the weight of your vehicle. Check your licence: some new driving licences do not allow larger weights to be towed without further licences.
  • Can I leave my Arthropod Trailer parked up?
    Yes, you can leave your Arthropod parked up for extended periods of time. Our designs are built to withstand various weather conditions and are made with durable materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion. Leave your Travel Trailer on your drive and it's perfect for a spare room, home studio or home office. Arthropod Trailers are always made bespoke to suit your needs.

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